We are happy to announce that the 4th International Congress on Maternal Hemodynamics will be held on 23-24-25th June 2022. More information will follow soon!



Focus of the conference

  1. Understand the interplay of placental characteristics, cardiovascular function, and hemodynamics in developing PE, HELLP-syndrome, gestational hypertension and fetal growth restriction.
  2. To predict at early stage in pregnancy these pregnancy complications based on the development, interpretation and implementation of circulatory and biochemical assessment care in order to improve preventive measures
  3. To develop novel ways to normalize or improve hemodynamic function or lower vascular strain before and during disease to preserve maternal condition and lower maternal disseminated disease and adverse offspring health consequences.
  4. To understand the interplay between obstetric characteristics and cardiovascular function in relation to up to 8 times increased risk for CVD in these women.
  5. To position pregnancy as sex specific, women sensitive cardiovascular stress test that will, if valued appropriately, change the remote cardiovascular health prognosis of women in the near future vitally.
This event is ISUOG approved.

International character

The 4th edition of the congress follows the successful format of partying established and new researchers researches from Europe and other countries, to present the true international nature of the event. We have planned a very extensive and stimulating program on the 11-13th of June including keynote presentations and invited internationally acclaimed lecturers in the field of obstetrics, vascular medicine and cardiology.

Free communications and poster presentations continue to be a key feature of the program content and we have allowed time to encourage interactions and discussions of all of these presentations. During the congress lunch breaks, there will be  ime to visit the poster presentations and get in touch with the medical companies and institutes that are sponsoring our event. Based on previous events We are expecting more than 250 participants to attend this congress.


Queen of Hearts offers visitors of the congress the possibility to book a room including breakfast and free gym access at the Crown Plaza for a reduced price. If you would like to make use of any of the available rooms, please contact before the 10th of May.